Source and install new Mill and Kiln machines on-site

As part of our turnkey solution, we source and install new machinery needed for your project. Staff are allocated into teams that ensure complimentary skills are available on-site, creating some cross pollination of skills between trades. All staff undergo regular and targeted external SETA accredited training which means the team will arrive on-site with the relevant document and safety training.

We attract and retain the best talent by permanently employing, with full benefits, all our managers, foreman, boilermakers, fitter and turners, welders, skilled and semi-skilled workers as well as safety officers.   

Our projects Include:

Kiln and Drier Shell Replacements

A rotary kiln or drier is often the heart of a plant and downtime must be kept to a minimum to avoid production loss.

Our team has completed multiple shell replacements over the last 20 years.

Robtek ensures:

Shifting of riding rings, retaining plates, or the removal of kiln hoods, seals and cowls are done with accuracy and care in order to re-install where required

The accurate and clean cutting along the required cut lines.

The reduction in transport costs and/or downtime by using portable driven roller equipment, allowing us to join multiple shell sections on the floor before rigging and lifting up to the kiln.

Reduced major cranage time and cost by using experienced riggers and well developed methodologies for rigging in and aligning, to small tolerances, the heavy shell sections.

The efficiency and accuracy of our shell joining system, ensuring the proper alignment of the new shell to old.

A greater than 98% weld perfection rating after NDT testing, to the AWS D1.1 standard, using our specialised sub-arc welding technique to join sections.

Kiln and Drier Gear Installations

Our readily available expertise and experience is invaluable when troubleshooting gear issues. We are able to assist in new gear installation, replacement of old gears and gear reversal. We are able to design and manufacture complete trailing plate assemblies (plates, inserts, pins, washers and nuts) to suit various OEM gears.

Robtek ensures:

Increased efficiency, reduced installation time and a safer process by using in-house gear erection equipment that has been refined over many years.

Gear alignment to <1mm axially and radially or to meet OEM specification.

The alignment of the complete drive train, using state of the art laser equipment and a comprehensive report including runouts, backlashes, root clearances and contact etc.

The ability to work on gears with limited accessibility by using our suite of cranes and rigging equipment.

Our team has completed multiple complex installations where both the gear and the shell beneath it is replaced.

Mill Installations

Mill Installations

Robtek assists with:

The foundation inspection, placing permanent center lines and elevations to the highest acceptance criteria.

The Baseplate inspection and installation to the correct centers and elevations according to specifications.

Grouting in Baseplate.

Heavy lifts and awkward lifts inside and outside of buildings.

Girth gear inspection, rotating of girth gears and pinions and gear and pinion alignment.

Installation of the Mill drive train, laser alignment and drive train maintenance.

Installation of power packs, specialising in installation of high pressure line, low pressure line and return piping lines.

Mill liner inspection, bolted and wedge liner installation, headliner installation and diaphragm installation.

Welding of Mill shell cracks.

Installation of Mill Shell manholes.

Air Filter Installations

Air filters are a pivotal part of any plant striving for a greener working environment. Most filters are found high off the group within buildings and/or on top of them which makes the availability of cranage and the rigging ability crucial to the successful installation and repair.

Robtek assists with:

Various cranes within the fleet: 25 ton, 80 ton and 7 ton cranes. This allows not only the mechanical component lifts but the work at height.

Experience in pre-building filter compartments on the ground, raising full blocks into position, and completing the outer case and installing all internals on-site.

Installation of internal cages, hydraulics, deflector plates and hammers to the client or OEM specifications.

A cross-skilled team to assist with the boiler making, fitting, hydraulics, pneumatics and piping if needed.

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