Supplier of new, improved and customised HPGR components

We partner with Hofmann Engineering who supply new, improved and customised HPGR components for all major OEMs. The offering includes: new and resized tyres, cheek plates and other wear components. Hofmann have developed and patented individually clamped edge blocks that can’t break off and can be individually replaced. Specialists in the complete design, new manufacture and refurbishment of planetary gearboxes for HPGRs. 

Our Mills and Kilns products include:

For a greater understanding of Hofmann’s skill and experience with HPGR machines see this Cerro Verde Optimisation Paper presented at the 2023 SAG conference in Vancouver. 

Girth Gears and Pinions

Specialists in the design and manufacture of large Mill and Kiln girth gears up to 15 meters in diameter and 2.5m face width. New designs or direct replacements of existing gears can be manufactured. Materials offered include forged fabricated steel, spherical graphite iron (SGI) or cast steel. Old, worn, existing gears with unknown geometry can be easily replaced with a product improved gear. The design and manufacture of Mill and Kiln pinions of all sizes and specifications up to 1.6m face width x 6m long. Old, worn, existing pinions with unknown geometry can be easily replaced with a product improved pinion.

Inching Drives

To fit new and existing Mill and Kiln drives. Features include planetary main reduction, hydraulic or electric, integral or separate brakes and disengaging couplings.

Self Aligning Twin Pinion Mill Drive Gearbox

Automatically maintains 100% gear contact regardless of movement in foundations and/or driven components. Can use recirculating filtered oil. Reduced maintenance as alignment checks and adjustments are eliminated. Power to 10,000kW per gearbox.

Standard Gearboxes

Completely designed and manufactured in-house to AGMA, DIN or ISO Standards. Standard range of multi stage drives.

Special Gearboxes

Can be designed to fit existing foundations as a direct replacement of old drives. (Flender, Falk, Valmet etc). Power upgrades, ratio changes and replacement parts available.


To fit new and existing Kilns. Forged or cast tyres up to 16m OD available. Existing tyres can be upgraded to better materials.

Rollers and Shafts

Rollers up to 2m OD and beyond and shafts up to 4m OD x 10m length or 1.87m OD x 35m long to fit new and existing Kilns.

Shell Sections

To fit new and existing Kilns. To date no shell section requests could not be fabricated.

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